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Mei Tai MT2125

Mei Tai Fuchsia fustian

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Μαξιλάρι υποστήριξης αυχένα / Neck support pillow:
Αποσπώμενη κουκούλα / Removable hood:
Πουγκί μεταφοράς & αποθήκευσης / Choose pouch:
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  • Fustian fabric
  • Mei Tai Carrier suitable to be worn from newborn to approximately 15-18 kilos (aprox. 3+ years old)
  • Suitable for front carry, hip carry, baby looking front, back carry
  • Suitable for breastfeeding, simply by loosening or lowering the stripes
  • With internal coating for even more comfort for you and your baby, where needed
  • One size, suitable for both mom and dad!
  • Supports anatomical / orthopedic positions that contribute to the proper development of the baby's hips
  • Provides full support of the back, the head and the baby's neck
  • Very light and without too much volume, easy to carry anywhere
  • Made in Greece – Member of Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA)
  • Washable in 30°. Tumble drying is not recommended
  • Includes instructions and full after sales support if needed


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