My Rockin' Baby - Ideas for your customade baby carrier
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We have created many customized carriers in the past! Browse through them and pick up ideas so we can make for you, your customized carrier, just as you desire it! You can also add one or maybe two pockets, one appliqué pattern or even a print!

Those specific Ringslings carriers are no longer available, but if you describe to us what you have in mind, -in all likelihood :) - we can create it for you! In this case, it’s better to contact us via e-mail before making a purchase through our e-shop.

Create your own double sided Ringsling carrier, by combining the colors of your choice!
...and wear it from the side your mood or your clothes determines!




Add an accent in your Ringsling carrier, for more colorful and impressive effect!


Add a appliqué pattern!


Add a hem ending, lace, or pocket!


Add a print!


Add a print in your mei tai!